Leanna Greenaway
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For the past fourteen years, Leanna has her own monthly column in Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine.  As their resident Witch, she answers reader's questions and offers quick and easy spells to combat problems.  
Having being raised in a spiritual household, it was no surprise that at the age of 21, she took an interest in Wicca and began practising the craft.  She also worked closely with her mother, Beleta Greenaway and together they went on to be the founders of The Psychic Study Centre, tutoring students from all over the world in the ancient arts of Tarot and Palmistry.
Today, Leanna lives in the heart of rural Southwest England and is author of five books; Wiccapedia, Practical Spellcraft, Simply Tarot, Simply Wicca and Come Away with the Fairies.